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Evojoy English Club

Are you fascinated by taking up our mission to provide children with an active environment to learn English? Teaching children via a Joy English franchise is easier than you may think. EvoJoy – Joy English Club is a pulsing, digital program that utilises new technology to teach English, Social & Emotional Learning, Character-Building Values, and strategic emphasises on oral and written language skills to young children. Jam-packed amidst proven instructional procedures and research-based exercises focused on oral language, EvoJoy English Club by Evolve Language Centre puts children between 3-11 years on the fast track to English fluency while incorporating.


What is an Online English Club?

An Online English Club in Sri Lanka is a community for eager kids to practice English in a casual setting. In an English class, they may learn basic grammar and vocabulary but not how to use them effectively. In this case, an English Club is efficient. Inside a Joy English Club, kids get an opportunity to train many different skills in a perspective that is more like real life. Otherwise, An English Club makes new English-speaking friends around your kid. It will improve their confidence in English and make them comfortable with English speaking.


Why EvoJoy?

If you meet the right teachers, you can even change your whole life. Teachers of Evolve Language Center has an incredible journey with kids during life.,They inspire children to be the best they can be. Those Evolve teachers created this Joy English Club virtual platform to improve the language skills that is hard to improve without practice. Students who are at Evolve and not at Evolve will get the opportunity to take part in this programme which improves vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, spoken, and writing skills. So, studying at Evolve is also introduced as studying with the best English teachers in Colombo.
Our coaches, the best English teachers in Colombo, will encourage the students through different enjoyable activities like dramas, spoken contests, fun and games, singing poems, etc. As an Online English Club in Sri Lanka is a rare opportunity, You definitely don’t fancy juggling this great opportunity for your children to be totally immersed in English and learn many other things about life. In order to give the best mean and experience of a Joy English Club, where kids can Learn, Practice, and Perform in the virtual platform with the coaches. Every week, a coach will train them on a new topic that students can present in oral or written forms. Speech or by a poem, Evojoy English club ensures their members communicate in English language skills with confidence; Coaches will focus on helping children to improve social skills, communication skills for their better future.