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Evolve Arts and Crafts Classes

Uncover the creativity in you, your kid, or the teenager. Evolve Language Centre offers inspiring art classes and craft tutorials accompanied by an unimaginable crew of lecturers. Whatever your plan, we have precisely the best program to satisfy your requirements by various art tools, mediums, mechanisms, and techniques. According to the government syllabus, the teachers conduct arts and crafts classes in Sri Lanka, and others who like to explore more got the opportunity here. Someone seeking arts and crafts for a hobby also has the chance to discover their relaxation under the guidance of experts. We encourage creativity and freedom of expression of both children and adults.


What do We Improve?

The beginner stage of our classes for kids makes sense at all. Being different from other arts and crafts classes in Sri Lanka, we let them freely use the colors and other sculpting materials. According to the research, it develops their fine motor skills when involved in colorful movements. Their creativity potential is straightforward to unlock by letting them do various pre-planned activities recommended by Cambridge and Edexcel creative education. Besides, lecturers guide kids to improve hand-eye coordination, promote innovation and creativity, improve memory, and craft flexibility. We think these are the best arts and crafts classes in Sri Lanka because of the depth we have observed before designing the courses.

The inventive activities directed at the Art School of Evolve are,   * Needle Craft * Finger Painting * Pottery * Clay Work * Oil Paintings * Collage Making * Upcycling of Utilized Materials * Wire and Metal Sculpture * Using Play Dough and Acrylics * Fabric Painting * Tie-Dye * Batik    

Why Evolve for Arts and Crafts Classes?

Here, we follow a separate path from traditional arts and crafts classes in Sri Lanka. We are passionate about the kids and adults with the international level in their studies. Lectures give them knowledge and experience about different worldwide cultures of arts and crafts in workshops, through digital media, exhibitions, and more. Preparing them to face internationally is more important, and it enhances their creativity along with a broad scope with freedom and relaxation.