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Welcome to Evolve

Evolve language Centre results from our arduous attempts through the years. Sri Lanka is a country where English is necessary for establishing someone’s career officially as it is the International Language. We assisted most students in Colombo with their needs inside the English Language Centre and earned this excellency. Also, we are a group of professionals with backgrounds in finance, marketing, and education. We have an organisation that studies and researches hard in the subject to proffer something significantly more than today in tomorrow. The team consists of consultants in English Language, researchers in the English Language, and professional student Psychologists. They have composed syllabi and programmes for our children since we were established as an English Language Centre. The young teachers focus on teaching the kids and teenagers. Literary, Evolve Language Centre is a family with the best English lecturers in Sri Lanka for kids and teenagers. The parental impression towards Evolve Language Centre further proves our excellence in teaching them so far.

Worldwide Virtual Educator

Nourishing the language skills of kids and teenagers is almost not hard, even they are beginners. Nevertheless, it takes a set of joy and fresh talents of teachers. Nurturing Teacher-Student connection inside a virtual platform made the task easy for Evolve. In a digital platform with next-level technical language education, we enhance the kids' global English skills to listen, speak, write, and use confidently via Learn, Practice, and Perform.

Exam-Oriented Studies

The International syllabi open the door for higher educational qualifications and vocational training in the future. Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel syllabi play the main role in the global education system, which is anywhere accepted. Fortunately, Evolve Language Centre provide Edexcel and Cambridge exam-oriented studies with the best-qualified teachers in Sri Lanka. If you are eager parents to make your child ready for the future, you have stepped into the right place.

Easy and Passionate Enrollments

Our experts have designed learning systems according to your desire. The super mini-classes are actually for only your child, focusing only on him or her. It's a great opportunity to catch our expert in a super-mini classroom for your kid's studies where we develop fundamentals of English (speaking, reading, writing, and listening). It's quite better to improve the English Language Skills of the child before struggling at school. Enrollments can be done according to the way you desire. It is easy to meet our officers and talk.

What We Do as an English Language Center,

The mindset of Sri Lankan people has been built like English is a language only for extraordinary IQ people with higher professions. But that's not fair. English is a language that everyone with commitment can easily understand if taught properly. We are going to disprove the altered opinion by teaching the latest generation in exactly meaningful ways.

1. We are introducing a series of age-based classes for kids who wish to learn English from the beginning and adequately.

2. Our English Language Centre guarantee your child will improve vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and fluency in written and spoken English.

3. We encourage kids and teenagers to learn English in many enjoyable ways.

Every child can use our digital platform to improve their English language skills, social skills, and communication abilities. We are focusing on enhancing English language abilities for children aged 3 to 18, and we are now performing only for children between the ages 3 to 11. This is because it is the most accessible age group to capture a second language.

What's Special

We choose tutors based on their qualifications and enthusiasm to enhance children’s language skills. All of them are qualified from globally rated examinations and accompanied the International syllabi. As an English Language Centre, We are a group of experts assured by Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel. We are also guaranteed in teaching those International syllabi which carry students in a professional way to learn, speak, and practice English in the same class. We are launching a Joy English Club in Sri Lanka where students even out from our Language Centre are permitted to participate. This first online Joy English Club in Sri Lanka is a virtual platform. Always we try to provide fresh experiences for our children and create our success story with the success of the ensuing generation.

What Our Parents Say

We have made a lot of kids and children proficient in English and earned the trust of their parents. EVOLVE has promptly grown a popular choice for parents who want their children to learn English. However, each feedback below is precious to us.


My child was less communicative in English until he attended Evolve Language Centre. I observed him very carefully and understood that he has the talent to read and write, but he struggles sometimes. So, I searched for a special English class out of the school which improves all his skills. Fortunately, I found Evolve Language Centre, and now he is fluent in English. So, I think this is the best Student-oriented class with guaranteed results. I highly recommend it.


If you are eager to make your child fluent in English, Evolve Language Centre is the best opportunity. Going through an international syllabus with enjoyable and beneficial knowledge buckets, their course takes a really different way. I noticed after two months of attendance of my child and She has improved a great vocabulary in a progressive manner. Pronunciations, reading, writing, and her communication skills are better than adults. I highly recommend Evolve Language Centre for your child's English education.


My daughter and I were beginners of English. So, we decided to enroll in a beginner's course last year and still, we are going on it without any hesitations. Now, we have improved good communication skills, writing skills, and reading skills in English through this. My daughter had got her first prize in her life for creative writing in English, and it encouraged her to write more and more. I am really thankful to the kind and talented young tutors here who focus on enjoyable education without being boring.


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