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You are not alone. We have the perfect course to help your intensive academics. Choose the best online course that suits you.

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We Provide Many Others Online Classes

We are not all about Language course distributors. Refer to our other online courses that follow progressive manners along with the international syllabus for higher education. We conduct them through qualified young tutors with international guidance for foreign education.

Easiest Way To Learn Everything

Evolve Language Centre does not exactly a place for language training. Although, here, students can enrol for studying other subjects according to the international syllabus. The expert tutors here conduct the specially designed courses according to Cambridge and Edexcel syllabus for your ease. Learn Systematical English while studying other subjects through English Medium.

Why we are the best?

Teaching a foreign language that is often not used by someone is challenging, even for a language centre. However, the qualified tutors of our team of experts overcame it for the past years. So, Evolve has become famous for learning without striving around—the special programs developed here on focusing on all aspects of language improvement, including reading, writing, and speaking, are incomparable to any other English Learning Centre Colombo.


What We Do

Evolve language center contributes to providing English language education and training from beginners to English proficiency. Also, we provide language education for children who face challenges with psychological facts. Moreover, Evolve Language Center is a Colombo language school that feeds everyone with International languages and syllabus essential for their higher education.

We encourage our students who came to us searching for a better Colombo language school by appreciating them in meaningful ways and recognized by the government.


Prize Giving Ceremony

Everything is competitive, and education is the most. So, prize-winning for their talents is very special to the kids and teens. We held an annual prize-giving ceremony to encourage their commitment towards learning and be competitive in their examinations.

Giving Certifications

Certificates are as valuable as the lives of some because the qualifications are the most important nowadays. Every job in government and private sectors ask for those certificates to ensure English knowledge. So, we issue certificates for each level recognized by the Sri Lankan government.

E - Learning Program

The important distance-learning program is specially designed for the efficient progress of the course. It will be an excellent opportunity for Evolve learners who are busy and interested in visual learning. This part is essential for developing speaking skills from kids to adults and beneficial for upgrading their communication skills.

What Our Parents Say

We have made a lot of kids and children proficient in English and earned the trust of their parents. EVOLVE has promptly grown a popular choice for parents who want their children to learn English. However, each feedback below is precious to us.


My child was less communicative in English until he attended Evolve Language Centre. I observed him very carefully and understood that he has the talent to read and write, but he struggles sometimes. So, I searched for a special English class out of the school which improves all his skills. Fortunately, I found Evolve Language Centre, and now he is fluent in English. So, I think this is the best Student-oriented class with guaranteed results. I highly recommend it.


If you are eager to make your child fluent in English, Evolve Language Centre is the best opportunity. Going through an international syllabus with enjoyable and beneficial knowledge buckets, their course takes a really different way. I noticed after two months of attendance of my child and She has improved a great vocabulary in a progressive manner. Pronunciations, reading, writing, and her communication skills are better than adults. I highly recommend Evolve Language Centre for your child's English education.


My daughter and I were beginners of English. So, we decided to enroll in a beginner's course last year and still, we are going on it without any hesitations. Now, we have improved good communication skills, writing skills, and reading skills in English through this. My daughter had got her first prize in her life for creative writing in English, and it encouraged her to write more and more. I am really thankful to the kind and talented young tutors here who focus on enjoyable education without being boring.


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